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Blog Posts in May, 2015

  • FDA Issues Warning about Duodenoscopes

    Duodenoscopes, which are used in a wide variety of surgeries and medical procedures, have been linked to so-called “superbugs” – aggressive bacterial infections that are very difficult to treat. Although the FDA has not recommended that doctors stop using these devices, it has issued a warning cautioning health professionals to use a specific type of sterilization procedure for all duodenoscopes. ...
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  • Defective Pharmaceuticals: Who Is Responsible?

    It seems that every time you turn on the television, drug manufacturers are advertising a new prescription medication. Pharmaceutical makers release numerous new medications each year. Unfortunately, not all of these drugs are safe. Names like Fen-Phen and Vioxx are memorable not because of the people they helped, but because they harmed so many before being pulled from the shelves. When a person ...
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